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What Can We Learn About Forex Trading From Crocodiles?

It might sound funny to some, but we must have all heard several references from the animal world whenever talking about trading and finance in general. Bulls a...
Personal Finance

Investment Tips for Beginners – The Smart Way to Invest Your Money

Investment isn’t just for the wealthy ones. Even few thousand or hundred dollars that you don’t need right away, can give you good returns. We alway...

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Ticker Company Name Last Trade Change / %Change
YHOO Yahoo! Inc 42.55 +2.37 / +5.90%
AAPL Apple Inc 103.15 +0.68 / +0.67%
BAC Bank of America Corp 16.60 -0.01 / -0.03%
FB Facebook Inc 79.49 +0.80 / +1.02%
BSX Boston Scientific Corp 12.45 +0.42 / +3.49%
PFE Pfizer Inc 28.31 +0.03 / +0.11%
KO The Coca-Cola Co 40.61 -0.07 / -0.17%
EMC EMC Corp 27.13 -0.07 / -0.26%
MU Micron Technology Inc 31.04 -0.15 / -0.48%
MSFT Microsoft Corp 44.72 -0.16 / -0.37%

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October 22, 1998:
Oil company Conoco, spun off from DuPont, goes public in the largest IPO in U.S. history, raising $4.4 billion.

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