Today's Hot Stocks: GOOG, SBUX, YHOO

Google's Disappointing Earnings a Future Trend?

After reporting a surprising decline in earnings last week, Google's (GOOG: Charts, News) stock price slid a whopping 10% as investors began to worry - is the innovative tech giant becoming too big for its own good? Pessimists may see a huge company in its maturity stage and competitors like Microsoft's (MSFT: Charts, News) Bing entering the fray, but optimists see opportunity in new revenue sources.
Mobile advertising revenue is expected to increase considerably this year, with Google being a large benefactor. Will patient investors be rewarded with another wave of innovative revenue? (Source: Seeking Alpha)


Starbucks Happy Hour Expansion a Jolly Venture for Investors?

Coffee juggernaut Starbucks (SBUX: Charts, News) has announced plans to expand their alcoholic drink offering from a few Seattle based stores to Atlanta and Southern California. Starbucks shares are up more than 40% this year thanks to a successful internal restructure and impressive sales figures that rival one of its top competitors Green Mountain Coffee (GMCR: Charts, News). The Seattle coffee maker holds a large portion of the morning jolt and afternoon pick-me-up market, but will giving people the opportunity to wind down result in a new, fruitful revenue source for Starbucks? (Source: Reuters)


Yahoo's Anticipated Earnings Overshadowed by Sale Rumors

The struggling tech company is slated to post earnings Tuesday, January 24 at 4:05PM, but is not expected to please investors, but Yahoo (YHOO: Charts, News) investors are bracing for bad news. Yahoo continues to struggle to climb back to its greatness from years past, causing continued takeover and sale rumors. After former Board of Director Jerry Yang resigned, Barron's reported a sale of the company's Asian assets as a strong possibility. Will the potential sell-off entice investors despite disappointing earnings? (Source : Seeking Alpha)


Published on Jan 24, 2012
By Leo Sun
Leo Sun
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