Dow Reaches Day Five of Gains; Facebook (FB) Releases New Search Tool

While Apple (AAPL) continued to drag down tech stocks again on Tuesday, the major indices were able to finish mostly higher. Retail sales were stronger than expected in December and helped the Dow climb for the fifth straight day. The holiday shopping season ended healthily but caution derived from fiscal cliff fears most likely caused uncertainty, weakening consumer confidence. Facebook (FB) revealed a new search feature today that may ramp up their competition with other internet leaders like Google (GOOG). Shares of Dell (DELL) continued to spike on buyout talks and many analysts say the deal is likely.
Bernanke's warning on the effects of failing to agree on a higher debt ceiling led global markets lower and pushed up Treasury prices. Platinum futures settled higher than gold for the first time in close to one year.

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Published on Jan 15, 2013
By InvestorGuide Staff

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