Which High Return Investment Is Right For Your Retirement Savings?

Don't look now, but retirement is sneaking up on you. When you consider that retirement is right around the corner, you have to ask yourself if you have saved enough to live the way you want to. If you haven't, then you may have to start risking a little bit more to invest in those high yield investments and make the money you need to maintain your quality of living. If you ignore the problem, you are faced with a significant drop in your quality of life or with working right up until the end. So the question becomes what is the right high return investment for your retirement savings? Here are a few you may want to consider.

The one that perhaps most people hear about the most is real estate.
Is real estate, though, a good high return investment for retirement? The answer is a resounding maybe. Though better than most mutual funds in terms of return, it is not widely considered a true high yield or high return investment by most financial professionals. However, keep in mind that you can make a solid return without too much risk as long as you do your research, and are careful about where you buy, and hold on to the property for a reasonable period.

A second consideration that relates closely to real estate is land. Land, again, is not always considered a high return investment, but for the savvy investor, the returns can be high. One reason this is the case is that land is in demand because, well, there's only so much of it available. Land is cheaper to buy than developed real estate, but can experience even larger gains if and when the area is developed and the demand for what you own goes up.

Third, there are the ever-present mutual funds. Though we often hear about what great investments they are, you must be careful when it comes to looking for high yields with them. As you will notice, most mutual funds do not even generate consistent double digit gains. That means, at best they are conservative investments and at worst, they are low yield investments. In other words, they don't stand up to real estate or land when it comes right down to it.

Finally, you can always consider leveraged (hedge) funds. Often employing futures, options and even currencies, these investments do not perform as well as advertised either in most cases. It is true that some leveraged funds do very well, but the overwhelming majority of them are mediocre at best in terms of return.

As you can see, there are a few high yield investment options you can and should consider. Though it appears on the surface that land and real estate are the best options for most people, you should still make sure they are suitable for your portfolio. Any investment requires engaging in research and consulting with experts. However, when you do start looking for high returns investments for retirement, these are certainly options you will likely want to consider.
By InvestorGuide Staff

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