Choosing an Online Forex Trading Platform

With today’s volatile economic climate and a consistently weak American dollar, the concept of speculating in foreign currency exchange is becoming increasingly attractive.

Yet many investors still are not very familiar with the practice, and taking time to learn the tricks of the trade is easier said than done. That’s where online trading tools come in: learning about and participating in foreign currency exchange online provides access to the markets which were only previously accessible to institutional users.

As with any form of speculation, the smartest and most financially responsible approach is to know what opportunities are available, and what different online forex platforms have to offer before jumping in.

Perhaps the most important factor of online currency exchange – especially for novices – is a user-friendly experience, a factor from which everything else trickles down.

By nature, foreign exchange markets are not the easiest to master, but finding the right online platform will allow for greater ease in transitions for newcomers.

Currency trading platform Easy-Markets™ (, for example, is set up so that a customer of any skill set could reasonably begin trading within a few minutes of logging onto the site. With reliable internet access, you’re well on your way.

Unlike many online trading platforms, there’s no need for software downloads of any kind with Easy-Markets. Its web-based program makes no impact on your computer hardware and provides speed to trading for account users.

Not always the case in online trading platforms, new traders can begin trading immediately with Easy-Markets, with a minimum deposit of $200. Easy-Markets was at the forefront in the industry to accept credit card deposits in addition to more traditional payment options.

Obviously, one of online trading’s biggest advantages is the ability to eliminate the broker as a middle man. However, traders still often require real-time assistance, and the best online currency exchange platforms insist on establishing relationships with each trader. Easy-Markets offers support from Account Service Managers at all hours when the forex market is open—24 hours a day, 5½ days a week—via phone, email or advanced online chat.

Easy-Markets utilizes tools like guided video tours, training materials ( and one-on-one training to ensure that investors are well-equipped to trade forex online, regardless of their experience level. You can visit its dedicated web training tools here.

Though brokers conventionally carry business hours, foreign currency exchange markets allow trading 24 hours a day over 5½ days a week. Since the internet never shuts down, traders using an online platform gain greater accessibility and flexibility.

As with all web sites that utilize credit cards and other private information, security should be a primary concern for every online trading application. Make sure that whatever platform you choose offers highly encrypted security measures.

Many over-the-counter online platforms are quite similar in terms of their offers and opportunities, but Easy-Markets remains an innovator in the field, with several unique tools available to every trader:

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider with online foreign currency exchange. By making the right choices, you gain control over the level of convenience and security you experience in your trading ventures.
By InvestorGuide Staff

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