Building the Relationship with Your Insurance Agent

There are still a lot of insurance agents whose idea of a relationship is that they send you a calendar at the holidays and figure that when you see their name and contact number at the bottom every day of the year, you will call when there is an issue. That may be fine; after all, once you fix your leaky financial roof, you wouldn't expect to need additional repairs for years or decades.

Still, as with a will or an estate plan, insurance coverage must be reviewed periodically, particularly when there are major life changes.
Take the time to do this in person, to have an insurance checkup that brings the advisor up to date on your needs, desires, and how your financial picture has changed over the last few years.

Make sure the advisor knows you welcome his or her input to your financial team; most will want to work with you in that fashion -- and to interact with your other advisors -- because it provides a refreshing change from the routine, and it creates the best chance to represent you well.
By Chuck Jaffe
Chuck Jaffe is a senior columnist and host of two weekly podcasts at MarkWatch. He has also been a guest speaker on several television and radio shows.

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