Turmoil in Egypt & July 4th Holiday- How Did the Markets Fare?

[Data as of 4:00 PM]  The markets closed the day in positive territory.  The shorten trading session before the holiday propelled the Dow Jones up 56.14 points to 14,988.55 and the Nasdaq 10.27 points to 3,443.67.  The S&P 500 did not benefit from same trading boost, but it still managed to add on 1.33 points to finish at 1,615.41.  The domestic market mood was relatively positive throughout the session as optimism grew about Friday's upcoming job report.  However, turmoil overseas pushed oil prices over $100 a barrel after Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi was overthrown by a military coup.
 The uprising has caused some concern about the stability of the oil industry.  Investors will have to wait until the markets reopen on Friday to see if this bullish market behavior will continue.

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Published on Jul 3, 2013
By InvestorGuide Staff

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