Energy Prices Continue to Fall; Market Recovers After Wednesday

The U.S. markets seemed to recover today, at least slightly, after lackluster performance on Wednesday. This upswing is partially due to many companies reporting better-than-expected earning in the third-quarter. One of these companies being Ford (F) who reported numbers that exceeded expectations by 7 cents per share. The U.S. dollar fell slightly in relation to the euro and yen.  The number of people who are filing for unemployment benefits dropped for the fourth straight week, but numbers are slightly inaccurate due to continued issues with the computers that California uses to record this data.
Apple (AAPL) announced that they are offering their new OS X Mavericks operating software for free which is causing many people think that this could be another "trump" card over Microsoft (MSFT), who charges at least $120 for their operating system. Energy prices continued to drop for the fourth time in a row, losing 5 cents per barrel on crude-oil.

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Published on Oct 24, 2013
By InvestorGuide Staff

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