Record Day for Dow Jones; Twitter IPO Tomorrow

Twitter has announced that they are going to debut their shares tomorrow in a much-anticipated arrival. The price range has been set between $23 and $25 but some investors speculate that the shares could go for even more. The S&P 500 nearly beat a previously set record by the end of the trading day on Wednesday, while the Dow Jones was able to achieve a record high day. Blockbuster announced that they will be closing all U.S. stores by January and is going completely digital, also ending their DVD-by-mail business after declining sales over the past couple of years. Microsoft (MSFT) continues to look for their next CEO and have trimmed their list down to the top 5 candidates.
Microsoft also had a great day in the markets, achieving a 4% jump. After oil prices continued to drop over the past couple of weeks, it has rallied back to over $94 a barrel and achieved a best one day gain in over a month.

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Published on Nov 6, 2013
By InvestorGuide Staff

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