Bitcoin's Popularity Rises; Unemployment Numbers Drop

All three main indexes continued to rise throughout the day as the U.S. markets are closed tomorrow for Thanksgiving. The number of American's that are unemployed and seeking unemployment benefits dropped by 10,000 last week to 316,000. Is Bitcoin the next gold? Some investors see Bitcoin as a very comparable alternative to gold as it is becoming easier to use and its value continues to rise. The world's largest airline merger is close to being finalized as a judge signed off allowing American Airlines (AAMRQ) and U.S. Airways (LCC) to merge.
While they have had many barriers standing in their way, the judge says that the anti-competition issues have been addressed and the newly created airline will have to give up dozens of take off and landing spots in multiple high-traffic airports. This merger will will be finalized on December 9th. Retail stores aren't the only ones who offer deals on Black Friday, many car companies are going to be offering deals and incentives to purchase their vehicles on Black Friday. Ford (F) is trying something different this year, instead of offering a discount they are offering up to $1,000 on a prepaid MasterCard (MA) to some buyers who purchase new Ford vehicles. General Motors (GM) is also going to be offering employee discounts on specific models.

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Published on Nov 27, 2013
By InvestorGuide Staff

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