First Female CEO in Detroit as Twitter Has Record Day

After a record close for the S&P 500 yesterday, the main stock indices closed down at the end of trading today with the Dow Jones ending the day below 16,000 since first reaching that milestone. Detroit has its first female CEO, as Mary Barra is hired as General Motor's (GM) new CEO. This appointment comes on the same day that the government announces that they have finally sold off of all GM's shares that they took over when they bailed out the company in 2010. Twitter (TWTR) had a record day up 6% during trading day to $52.11, nearly twice its IPO price.
Lululemon (LULU) announces that founder, Chip Wilson, will step down as chairman amid his controversial statement about his clothing in relation to women's body types. Laurent Potdevin is in line to be the next CEO and will join the board in January. The Securities and Exchange Commission approved the Volcker Rule which is a component of the financial reform law which was created to help prevent another financial crisis.

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Published on Dec 10, 2013
By InvestorGuide Staff

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