Judge Ruled NSA's Actions are Legal; U.S. Jobless Aid Ends Today

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The stocks end down after Dow Jones achieved another record high on Thursday. It is now likely that the case involving the NSA and its collection of millions of Americans' Internet and telephone records will be seen by the U.S. Supreme Court after a federal judge ruled that the NSA collection efforts were legal. This federal judge cited that these efforts are imperative to combating the threat of terrorism, which differs from the ruling earlier this month. General Motors (GM) announced that they are recalling 1.5 million cars in China.
This will be the second time this year that GM has announced a major recall in China.

A week after Target (TGT) revealed that they suffered from a major breach, they confirmed that PIN data had also been stolen. Target finally came clean with this information after denying it since the news of the breach broke. Three days after Christmas and UPS (UPS) is still trying to deliver the remaining packages that were expected to be delivered before the holiday. Many customers are extremely upset that they did not receive their packages in time? Will this anger with UPS open up the door and increase competition among delivery services? First class stamps in the U.S. are going to raise 3 cents to 49 cents a letter beginning on January 26.

Economic News

Many Americans Feel Economy Isn't Improving 
A new CNN/ORC poll released Friday showed people were pessimistic that the economy was improving. Nearly 70% said the economy is generally in poor shape, and only 32% rated it good. (Source: CNN) Click here to read the full article

1.3 Million Losing Unemployment Benefits Saturday
More than 1 million Americans are bracing for a harrowing, post-Christmas jolt as extended federal unemployment benefits come to a sudden halt this weekend, entailing potentially significant implications for the recovering U.S. economy and setting up a tense battle when Congress reconvenes in the new year. (Source: Yahoo News) Click here to read the full article

Business News

Shares of Textron Inc. (TXT) closed up +0.20 or +0.56 percent on Thursday to $36.20 per share ahead of the company reporting it would acquire Beech Holdings LLC, parent company of Beechcraft Corporation for $1.4 in an all-cash deal. (Source: InvestorGuide) Click here to read the full article

Target Confirms PIN Data Stolen in Breach
Target confirmed Friday that debit card PIN data was stolen in its recent massive breach, reversing its earlier stance that the codes were not part of the hack.  (Source: CNN) Click here to read the full article

UPS Still Staggering Under Holiday Crush
Holiday spirit turned to rage today as irritated consumers dealt with a third day of broken promises while UPS, the world's largest package delivery company, staggered to recover from a holiday crush that caught the service unprepared and left thousands of people short of gifts under their Christmas trees. (Source: USA Today) Click here to read the full article

Technology Focus

Shares of Apple Inc . (AAPL) were trading up +20.65 or +3.68 percent to $569.21 per share in pre-market trading Monday morning, after the company announced it had entered into a multi-year agreement with China Mobile to bring the Apple iPhone to the Chinese wireless carrier. (Source: InvestorGuide) Click here to read the full article

Shares of Twitter Inc. (TWTR) closed up +5.42 or +8.4 percent on Tuesday to $69.96 per share after making a new all-time high of $70.87 in a shortened pre-holiday trading session. (Source: InvestorGuide) Click here to read the full article

Your Money

3 Surprising Money Resolutions Everyone Should Make Next Year
Yes, you should stick to your budget, save more, and fully fund your retirement account. But you already know that. (Source: Business Insider) Click here to read the full article

8 Disappearing Tax Breaks
Dozens of  popular tax breaks are on the verge of disappearing. Credits and deductions benefiting everyone from teachers and students to homeowners are scheduled to expire at the end of the year, unless Congress extends them. (Source: Yahoo Finance) Click here to read the full article

Published on Dec 27, 2013
By InvestorGuide Staff

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