Disappointing December Jobs Report; Target's Security Breach Worsens

Stocks end mixed as the jobs report for December did not reveal the numbers that many were expecting. Economists were predicting that approximately 205,000 additional people would become employed in December, but in reality only an additional 74,000 became employed last month. Target's (TGT) security breach continues to get worse. It was originally reported that around 40 million people had their debit and credit card information compromised, but now Target is reporting that an additional 70 million people had their personal information (mailing addresses, phone numbers and email addresses) stolen during the security breach.
CGI (GIB) is no longer the primary contractor of Healthcare.gov. After months of continuous issues, the U.S. government decided to change contractors and picked Accenture (ACN) to lead the site. The government stated that CGI did not deliver a product that was effective enough and overall did not run smoothly.

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Published on Jan 10, 2014
By InvestorGuide Staff

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