Earnings Reports Continue to be Mixed; Yellen Takes Over Feb. 1st

Weekly Wrap Up

The Federal Reserve met this week and decided to increase tapering by another $10 billion, which will reduce its bond-buying program to $65 billion in February. This week also marks the last week that Bernanke will serve as the chair of the Federal Reserve, as Janet Yellen takes over on February 1st. Stocks continued to struggle this week and on Wednesday ended at a 2014 low. Fourth quarter earnings reports continued to be released this week. Amazon's (AMZN) shares fell on Thursday after failing to meet Wall Street's 4Q earnings expectations.
Apple's (AAPL) shares also fell after releasing a disappointing earnings reports due to low iPhone sales.

As the Super Bowl is fast approaching many companies have been releasing commercial teasers to keep consumers anticipation high. Budweiser (BUD) is one of the companies that released more than just a teaser, they released one of their actual commercials that will be aired during the Super Bowl called "Puppy Love". Walmart (WMT) announced this week that they will be laying-off 2,300 Sam's Club employees this year. Walmart cites that they are cutting jobs to help streamline management and to improve overall operations.

Economic News

Fed's Yellen to Testify Before Congress February 11 and 13
Incoming Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen will testify before U.S. lawmakers on February 11 and again on February 13 in what will probably be her first public comments on monetary policy and the economy after taking the reins at the U.S. central bank. (Source: Yahoo News) Click here to read the full article

Tax Season Kicks Off Today
Friday marks the official start of the 2014 tax season, when the IRS begins accepting and processing last year's tax returns. The kick-off comes 10 days later than expected this year, thanks to the government shutdown in October -- which prevented the IRS from being able to update its programs and systems on time. (Source: CNN) Click here to read the full article

Business News

Shares of Southwest Airlines Co. (LUV) closed down -0.23 or -1.10 percent on Monday, after the company announced during the day that the airline will begin servicing international customers beginning on July 1st. (Source: InvestorGuide) Click here to read the full article

Shares of Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. (CMG) were trading up +62.04 points or +12.56 percent to $556.00 per share in pre-market trading this morning, after the company released impressive fourth quarter earnings. (Source: InvestorGuide) Click here to read the full article

Would Amazon Prime be Worth $119 a Year? 
During the company’s fourth-quarter earnings call Thursday, Amazon announced that it might have to raise the annual membership by as much as $40 from its current $79.  (Source: Market Watch) Click here to read the full article

Technology Focus

Shares of Google Inc. (GOOG) closed down -36.27 or -3.13 percent to $1,123.83 per share on Friday as the rest of the market sold off sharply. This morning, Google stock is up +2.01 or +0.18 percent to $1,125.84 per share in pre-market trading after news that the company will be taking over privately held Information Technology startup, DeepMind Technologies. (Source: InvestorGuide) Click here to read the full article

As Facebook Turns 10, How Has It Transformed Your Life?
In February, Facebook will be 10 years old. Over the last decade, the service has become nearly synonymous with what it means to be part of online social networks. It has entered more than a billion lives, changing the way people around the globe interact, do business, communicate and connect. (Source: New York Times) Click here to read the full article

Your Money

What Americans Think About Obama's myRA Retirement Accounts
Obama's new 'myRA' retirement accounts aim to help millions of workers begin saving for retirement. The accounts will be backed by the government, charge no fees and you'll be able to contribute directly from each paycheck. (Source: CNN Money) Click here to read the full article

How to Master Couponing with Minimal Effort
How about 15 minutes per shopping trip and $150 in savings? That's what Stephanie Nelson, publisher of couponmom.com, did this week, combining coupons, store sales and deals offered by her store's loyalty card. (Source: Yahoo Finance) Click here to read the full article

Published on Jan 31, 2014
By InvestorGuide Staff

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