Six Business Services Which Are Always Worth Paying For

Business services can be described as non-core business processes; basically, processes or work that support the operations of a business but does not produce a tangible commodity, for example, accounting, marketing and receptionist services.

While such services are extremely important, the first contact a potential client usually has with a business after their website is with the receptionist. That doesn't mean that there isn't an excellent opportunity to reduce outgoing expenditure by outsourcing to business service providers.

As a general rule, businesses keep core processes in-house and outsource non-core processes where it's possible to
  1. Have them performed more affordably,
  2. More professionally,
  3. Where there are seasonal considerations, for example a need for certain processes only at certain times of the year, like Christmas and the New Year.

You'll find that there are many business processes that always prove advantageous to outsource.
Here are six.

1. IT (Information Technology)

Unless IT is part of your core business processes you'll always find it advantageous to outsource IT.

The majority of businesses are heavily reliant upon IT in some form or another whether it's website design, mobile and tablet application development or to support other business processes including shipping and procurement.

In the digital age it will prove highly advantageous to outsource your digital and IT needs to a service provider that can deliver outstanding services, for example a website that delivers excellent visitor experiences by taking into account visitor demographics, i.e. your target audience.

2. Marketing

Put simply, it's too expensive to maintain a marketing department unless you're operating a Multi-National Corporation (MNC) or large business and even many MNC's and large businesses still outsource their marketing needs.

By outsourcing marketing you also have the opportunity to diversify your marketing tactics by outsourcing to multiple firms, for instance a firm specializing in digital marketing and one that specializes in more traditional marketing techniques.

3. Reception

Many small to medium enterprises have little need for a full-time reception staff and as a result they outsource reception duties to virtual receptionists to streamline their business organization and reduce their reliance upon full-time employees.

While a non-core business process, receptionist duties are incredibly important because after their website the first contact a prospective client has with a business is usually with the receptionist. Therefore, you need to be discerning when outsourcing receptionist duties.

4. Admin

Admin duties are easily outsourced and your business can enjoy healthy savings in the form of reduced outgoing expenditure. This not only includes reduced reliance on full-timers, but also reduced office space to hire and less equipment to purchase and maintain. This will also enhance your ability to weather sluggish economic periods.

5. Accounting

Accounting has traditionally been outsourced because most businesses have no need for a full-time accountant, plus they're generally very expensive to hire full-time!

There are some excellent reasons for outsourcing accounting, including reducing the likelihood of mistakes arising that could result in financial complications, access to a knowledge bank of the latest goings-on in the world of taxation, not to mention access to informed business advice.

6. Recruiting

Of the many benefits to outsourcing recruitment to a dedicated recruitment agency, leveling the playing field with larger competitors is among the most commonly cited.

However, there are many additional reasons for outsourcing recruitment, including reduced staff turnover. Recruitment agencies maximize the potential for sourcing the best candidates for vacant positions and reduced expenditure. Businesses can avoid the often expensive, and time consuming, advertising, screening and interviewing process.

Outsource your non-core business processes to streamline your business and provide your clients with more competitive standards of work.

By Sonia Allen

Copyrighted 2020. Content published with author's permission.

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