BMW is Expanding SC Plant; Ford CEO Gets 11% Raise

Despite the rocky start to U.S. indices this year, many traders believe that the bull market has not ended and will continue. Out of all the traders surveyed by Charles Schwab, 42% say that they do believe that the bull market will not end until sometime in 2015. This shows that some investors are continuing to remain positive about the future.  BMW will be expanding its current South Carolina plant to enable it to produce a new crossover SUV. The luxury automobile maker will be putting in over $1 billion into the plant and will be adding an additional 800 jobs, which will expand the plant's annual production capacity by 50%.
Ford's (F) CEO got a large raise for sticking around the auto company instead of relocating to the open Microsoft (MSFT) CEO position. Alan Mulally received an 11% raise in 2013 to boost his salary to $23.2 million.

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Published on Mar 28, 2014
By InvestorGuide Staff

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