March Jobs Report Released; Stocks End the Week Way Down

Weekly Wrap Up

Stocks started the week off strong, with the S&P 500 hitting a record high to start off the second quarter on Tuesday. But the U.S. stock indices ended the week significantly down, with Nasdaq falling over 100 points. The March jobs report was released this week showing that the job market continues to grow as 192,000 jobs were added, but the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 6.7%. The unemployment rate remained constant despite the addition of 192,000 jobs due to more people looking for jobs, including previously discouraged workers.

Google's unpopular stock split occurred this week, separating the shares to be traded as (GOOG) and (GOOGL). While it sounds appealing, in reality it is not - current shareholders were given 2 additional shares for each stock that they held.
However, these additional 2 shares were Class C and Class C shareholders do not receive any voting rights within the company. General Motor's (GM) CEO took the stand this week in front of the House subcommittee to express her condolences to those impacted by the deadly ignition switch. During her testimony she revealed that while they currently don't know why it took so long for the automobile company to announce a recall, she promised that they would find out.

Economic News

Still Needed: Millions of Jobs
Imagine for a moment that the federal government wanted to maximize employment – wanted to make sure as many people as possible had jobs. (Source: New York Times) Click here to read the full article

While The Fed Is Pressing The Gas, Congress Is Hitting The Brakes
Although the Fed is pressing on the economic gas pedal, Congress is hitting the brakes. Why? Read this article to get the facts on what the media continues to ignore, but what every citizen needs to know! (Source: Forbes) Click here to read the full article

Business News

Five Stocks to Watch in April 
March saw the S&P 500 make a new all time high, climbing to 1883.57 on the seventh. The index is up +11.7 percent since early October of 2013. (Source: InvestorGuide) Click here to read the full article

Shares of Chicago, Illinois, based United Continental Holdings Inc. (UAL) rose on Tuesday on a strong day on Wall Street overall. United’s stock was up $2.27 per share to close at $46.90, or up 5.09% per share on volume of 6,537,770 shares. (Source: InvestorGuide) Click here to read the full article

Shares of Citigroup Inc. (C) were trading down -0.56 or -1.16 percent to $47.68 per share in pre-market trading on Thursday, after news that the company was the subject of a Federal Bureau of Investigation criminal investigation involving a $400 million fraud from the company’s Mexican unit, Banamex. (Source: InvestorGuide) Click here to read the full article

Technology Focus

Shares of Apple Inc. (AAPL) were trading up +3.00 or +0.56 percent to $539.86 per share in pre-market trading on Monday, after news that Apple would be seeking $2 billion in damages from Samsung for infringing on five of its patents used in mobile phones and tablets. (Source: InvestorGuide) Click here to read the full article

Facebook Could Go Anonymous (Report)
Facebook may be feeling some backlash for its lack of privacy and anonymity, both of which users are enamored with on social apps such as Secret and Whisper. According to a report from Recode, Secret and Facebook may be in talks about how they can work together. (Source: Yahoo News) Click here to read the full article

Your Money

8 Ways to Cut Your Tax Bill
To keep your tax bill as low as possible this filing season, you need to stay on top of all the ways the rules have changed. (Source: CNN Money) Click here to read the full article

5 Things You Should Always Buy Used
One of the questions consumers often face when making a buying decision is, "New or used?" We typically want the new product for the obvious reason: We believe new is always better. (Source: Yahoo Finance) Click here to read the full article

Published on Apr 4, 2014
By InvestorGuide Staff

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