Home Depot May Have Been Hacked; Will the S&P 500 Reach 3000?

Stocks end mixed on the first trading day of September. It seems like Home Depot (HD) is the newest company to fall victims to a security breach. A massive number of credit and debit card information went on sale today on an underground site, and they may be from Home Depot. The people who are supposedly responsible for this alleged breach may be the same individuals responsible for the security breaches at Target (TGT) and P.F. Chang's. The S&P 500 only only reached 2000 for the first time ever last week and analysts are already thinking that the index could climb as high as 3000.
Morgan Stanley analysts believe that the U.S. economic expansion could continue on much longer than many previously expected, thus sending stocks even higher.

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Published on Sep 2, 2014
By InvestorGuide Staff

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