Verizon Hopes to Entice Cord-Cutters; Dow and S&P 500 Close at New Record Highs

The Dow Jones and S&P 500's winning streak continued as both stock indexes closed the day with new record highs. Wall Street is hoping that the momentum will continue into this shortened holiday week. Verizon (VZ) is offering a new TV and internet package in hopes of enticing cord cutters. For only $59.99 a month, subscribers will be given an internet package, local TV channels, Showtime, HBO, and Netflix. Apple's (AAPL) stock hit another record high today of $117.65, giving the technology giant a never-before-seen value of $690 billion.

Now investors are now speculating when the company will reach a value of $700 billion.


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Published on Nov 24, 2014
By InvestorGuide Staff

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