Strategies For Investing in Solar Energy

My dad and I were discussing alternative energy investing and were wondering if you knew anything about solar investment that you might be able to share.

Solar investment represents one of the fastest growing areas of energy investing and has the advantage of being relatively new compared to other industries. Solar technology makes up the most widely used and popular alternative energy technologies today and solar energy has already replaced the electrical grid in many areas.

Making a solar investment can be as simple as purchasing stock in a solar company. A number of solar panel manufacturers have publicly traded stock which you can research online or ask your broker about.
Some of the biggest investors in the world are currently accumulating large amounts of stock in solar companies to take advantage of tax incentives given to these companies until the year 2015.

One interesting strategy for solar investment might be to buy stocks of companies that produce silicon. Silicon, made from silica and found in common sand is used in 90 percent of photovoltaic solar cells. While silica is readily found in nature, silicon is a man made derivative which is used in making computer chips and a wide variety of other products, which is why silicon is hard to get.

Solar panel makers and computer manufacturers have been fierce competitors for silicon, with most of the rejected silicon from the computer industry used to make solar panels, which do not require as high a quality as computer chips.

Solar energy is becoming more and more popular and with recent innovations in technology, the expense of owning a solar energy system has dropped dramatically. As more and more people become aware of the advantages of using solar power vs the current electrical grid, the solar power industry could experience considerable growth.
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