Markets Up Despite Cyberattacks; Who's Next?

All major sectors were up today with materials and healthcare taking the lead.

Another Cyberattack Hits.  Anthem (ANTM), the second largest health insurer in the US was hit by a massive cybersecurity breach.  Investigators suspect the intruders obtained personal financial information including social security numbers, for nearly 80 million customers.  The company stated:
Anthem Blue Cross was the target of a very sophisticated external cyber attack. These attackers gained unauthorized access to Anthem’s IT system and have obtained personal information from our current and former members such as their names, birthdays, medical IDs/social security numbers, street addresses, email addresses and employment information, including income data.
Based on what we know now, there is no evidence that credit card or medical information (such as claims, test results or diagnostic codes) were targeted or compromised.

Sony Exec Resigns. In the wake of the recent cyberattack on Sony Pictures (SNE), Amy Pascal, co-chairman of the Hollywood giant, and one of the most powerful executives in Hollywood, announced she'll step down.  The cyberattack was believed to be staged by North Korean cybersoldiers, in retaliation for the studio backing "The Interview," a comedy about an entertainment reporter who scores an exclusive interview with his number one fan, Kim Jung Un, only to be requisitioned by the CIA to assassinate the North Korean leader.

Acquisitions for the Win.  Under Armour (UA) bought fitness app leader MyFitnessPal, adding it to the portfolio of multiple other digital fitness plays which include MapMyFitness, Edomondo, and UA Record.  MyFitnessPal helps users track calories, nutrition, and exercise, while other apps in its portfolio help with tracking and sharing workouts..  Pfizer (PFE) announced it would acquire Hospira (HSP) for $15 billion for injectables and generics.  Result?  Slight win for Pfizer shareholders ending the day 2.9% up at $32.99, but a staggering win for Hospira shareholders -- stock price shot up 35.2% to end the day at $87.64.

Oil & Energy Still Flowing. Stocks followed the upward trend of energy with S&P's energy index climbing 1.5% on the back of oil's rebound.  Crude gained 4.2% to close at $50.48.  China's central bank continues to push the oil demand higher.

European Tension Down.  Greek leaders eased concern over default with a bridge plan that would allow for debt talks through the end of May.  It didn't take long after yesterday's announcement that the European Central Bank announced that it would no longer accept Greek bonds for funds.
Published on Feb 5, 2015
By InvestorGuide Staff

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