Dow Loses 20, NASDAQ Up 10 on a Mixed Day for the Markets

Trading was mixed today, with the Dow and S&P struggling through small losses while the NASDAQ grew. The Dow lost -10.15 points and closed the day's trading at 18,214.42, and the S&P 500 dipped -3.12 points to end at 2,110.74. Meanwhile, the NASDAQ extended its growth streak by adding 20.75 points to close at 4,987.89. This marks the 11th straight day of growth for the NASDAQ exchange. Stocks were up in overseas trading, with Germany's DAX growing by 118.14 points to close at 11,327.19. Japan's Nikkei added 202.75 points to close at 18,785.79.

Sector Up 11% On Another Great Day For Health Services.
The health services sector continued to outperform the rest of the market, growing on increased enrollment nationwide. The sector's biggest movers continued to be healthcare holding companies, which own and operate clinics and hospitals across the country. Universal Health Services Inc (UHS) added 3.40 points to close at 112.49 per share. Omnicare (OCR) gained 1.61 points and ended the day's trading at 76.81. Nationwide pharmacy chains CVS Health Corp (CVS) and Walgreen's (WBA) were both up, with CVS gaining 0.73 points and Walgreen's adding 1.64 in order to close at 104.17 and 81.65 respectively.

Salesforce, Adobe Growing As Companies Upgrade Their Backend.  CRM software provider Salesforce (CRM) saw a surge in their stock price today on news that the company is seeing widespread adoption among mid-sized businesses. Their share price grew by 7.37 points, or 11.72%, to end the day at 70.24. Adobe (ADBE), which powers much of the legal and creative world with a range of software solutions, gained 0.89 points to close at 78.96 per share.

Avago Technologies Spikes On Positive Earnings Report.  Avago Technologies (AVGO), a semiconductor manufacturer, lead the Dow in growth today. The company's share price shot up 16.56 points to finish the day at 129.24.

Oil and Natural Gas Both Fall Today.  In commodities trading today, both oil and natural gas prices fell. Light, sweet crude oil was down $2.82 per barrel, to end the day's trading at $48.17. Natural gas fell even further, losing -5.77% of its value, or -$0.16, to end the day at $2.70 per million BTUs. The price of a gallon of unleaded gas dropped just over a penny to $1.90.

Dollar Grows Stronger vs. Foreign Currency.  The US Dollar continued to grow stronger against most international currencies today. It added 0.49% versus the British Pound, 0.18% against the Euro, outpaced the Australian Dollar by 0.69%, and grew against the Japanese Yen by 0.10%. The US Dollar lost ground slightly versus the Mexican Peso and Chinese Yuan, with the Peso gaining 0.12% and the Yuan growing by a scant 0.07%.
Published on Feb 26, 2015
By Aaron Phillips
Aaron Phillips is a financial researcher and journalist based out of Michigan. He regularly writes the IG Daily and IG Weekly columns.

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