Falling Blue Chips Drag the Dow Down 85

In trading today, the Dow lost -85.26 points to close down 0.47% at 18,203.37. Both the S&P 500 and NASDAQ fell too, losing -9.61 and -28.20 points respectively. The S&P 500 closed the day at 2,107.78, while the NASDAQ ended at 4,979.90. International markets were down across the board, with the exchanges in Germany and Hong Kong hardest hit. Germany's DAX fell -128 points, while Hong Kong's Hang Seng dropped -180.

Bad Day For Blue Chips.  Blue chip stocks struggled today, and ended up taking the Dow down with them.
3M (MMM) lost over $2 per share, and ended the day trading at . Visa (V) dropped $3 per share to end trading at 275.30, and General Electric (GE) lost 1% to close at 25.86.

Discovery Communications Stages A Recovery.  After taking a big tumble in December, Discovery Communications (DISCK) bounced back today. The stock gained $1.46 per share to bring share prices up to $32.54 -- still almost 3 points off its point high-water mark. Multiple sources gave Discovery Communications a strong sell recommendation on the news.

Not All Retail Is Created Equal.  While retail trade as a whole has been up, individual market segments in the sector are performing very differently. Some key differences can be illustrated by comparing Walmart (WMT) and Target (TGT). Walmart took on more debt during the recession to keep its supply chain in check, while Target stayed relatively debt-free despite a few very tough quarters. Today, Walmart's (WMT) P/E ratio is less than half of Target (TGT), and as a result Walmart has seen sluggish growth during the early stages of the economic recovery.

TSR Leaves Pennies Behind, Closes Above $5.  Tabletop gaming company and former Dungeons & Dragons publisher TSR Inc (TSRI) has escaped the basement. Share prices soared to 5.50 today, before falling back to 5.28 at the closing bell. The company saw 80% growth last year, and is positioned well to take advantage of a recovering consumer economy.

Wayfair Inc Up 7% On Strong Sales.  Online furniture and home decor retailer Wayfair Inc (W) saw big gains today, with share prices rising $1.69 on news of higher than expected profits. Wayfair competitor Amazon (AMZN) was down -1.04 to 384.61 despite strong sales.

Seagate And Micron Both Down Despite Electronics Rally. The electronics sector performed well today, growing by 8.83%. Despite positive movement in the sector, both Seagate Technologies (STX) and Micron Technology (MU) struggled today. Seagate lost $2.74 per share, or 4.45% to close the day trading for 58.82. Micron was down $1.58 to 29.66. Both businesses are big players in high-tech manufacturing and consumer products, and both have issues with senior management.


Published on Mar 3, 2015
By Aaron Phillips
Aaron Phillips is a financial researcher and journalist based out of Michigan. He regularly writes the IG Daily and IG Weekly columns.

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