Pros and Cons of a Demo Account in Forex

Several forex brokers and experts advise you to practice and hone your forex skills by creating a demo forex account first. A demo forex account is a sort of a virtual training program where you get to operate in a totally risk free environment. Practicing your trading skills in a demo forex account helps you get more familiar with the trading format and helps you develop some basic trading strategies. Today however, the demo forex accounts are being used to promote the various brokers who want to lure the people in someday opening a live trading account.
While there's no harm in promoting one's services, demo accounts have several pros and cons which make them a mixed blessing for people.

Advantages of Demo Accounts

Like most modern day inventions, demo forex accounts are aimed at helping the people trade more smoothly with forex. But despite of its various advantages, there are certain drawbacks which the demo accounts suffer from.

Disadvantages of Demo Accounts

There are several experts who advise the use of a demo forex account in order to start off as a great forex trader. But forex is one of the most risky markets in the world and due to the constantly rising and falling prices, there is no guarantee that you will earn profits or not incur losses. Keeping a cool head and not giving in to your emotions is the only way to find long term success in forex.
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