Plenty of Opportunities on the Table Despite a Slow Week

Markets moved steadily lower this week, dropping big on Tuesday and Wednesday while never fully recovering. The Dow lost 2.3% this week and closed out the day on Friday at 17,712.56 -- down from highs over 18,000 on Monday. The NASDAQ had problems of its own, with big losses on Wednesday that lead the market in declines. The NASDAQ was down 2.7% this week, and closed out trading on Friday at 4,891.22. The S&P 500 fared best of all in this down week, losing only 2.2% to close at 2,061.02.

NASDAQ's 5 Biggest Penny Movers.  The NASDAQ has shown higher than average volatility this week, and quite a few micro-cap stocks have stepped up to make big profits off of the market's movement.
Our penny movers are a diverse bunch, especially as the big gains in the health services sector slowdown, leaving the market as a whole a big chance to step up. These stocks come from a diverse array of market segments, including retail, medical products, aerospace, and beverages, and the showcase the amount of opportunities to be had for big micro-cap gains across the entire market..

Oramed Pharmaceuticals (ORMP) lead the week in gains, shooting up 66% to close at $6.54 per share. Rada Electronics (RADA) gained 42% over 5 days, and ended the week's trading at $2.40 per share. Great Basin Scientific (GBSN) and Gordmans Stores (GMAN) both gained 30% on the week, closing at $2.73 and $6.35 per share, respectively. Bringing up the rear was Truett-Hurst (THST) which gained 27.50% over 5 days, and closed at $3.10 per share on Friday. 

Euro Showing Signs Of Life, Or Is It?  The Euro was performing better vs the US Dollar this week, although there is more to the story than just sheer numbers. After the Fed wrapped up a meeting last week, bond investors got spooked and saw yields fall well below 2%. That means that, while the Euro is performing better than it was, it's only doing well versus and artificially weakened Dollar. Smart FOREX traders shouldn't look too much into recent trends, although they may provide some guidelines about where the currency market is set to move after the Fed hikes rates this June or July. 

This Week's Big Winner And Loser.  The indisputable big winner of the entire week was Kraft Foods (KRFT), gaining 43.85% of share value this week as news of a merger with Heinz became known to the public. has covered the merger in its entirety, bringing our readers up to speed about just exactly what they can expect from the deal. Kraft has gained more than 30 points this week, and closed out the day on Friday at $89.10 per share.

The big loser for the week was Apollo Education Group (APOL), which saw share prices tank on Wednesday morning and never even come close to recovering. Apollo missed revenue estimated by more than $6 million, and shares in the company plummeted 23% because of it.

What's Next For Gold?  It's been a wild week for gold, especially in the face of trends that have spelled lower prices for the popular commodity. Over the course of the week, the price of a troy ounce of gold has risen from lows of $1,160 to close Friday at nearly $1,200 per troy ounce. Investors can expect to see a further spike this summer when the Fed finally pulls the trigger on their looming rate hike. Still, the commodity isn't the safe investment that it has been in previous years as the continuing financial recovery pushes prices down dramatically. 

Transocean Desperately Searching For A Floor.  $50 per barrel crude oil has done a bit to buoy the falling share prices of domestic oil driller Transocean (RIG), but a series of setbacks has taken a further toll on stock prices. Transocean has lost contracts in the Gulf of Mexico and been forced to layoff employees and cut the size of their drilling fleet in a bid to remain profitable, or at least slow down the bleeding. Still, despite rising oil prices, Transocean is down a further 3.34% this week, and lost another -0.84 points today to close at $14.49 per share.

Published on Mar 27, 2015
By Aaron Phillips
Aaron Phillips is a financial researcher and journalist based out of Michigan. He regularly writes the IG Daily and IG Weekly columns.

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