Dow and S&P Up, NASDAQ Down in a Difficult Week for the Market

It was a difficult week for the markets, but the Dow managed to eke out a win, gaining just 35.76 points over 5 days. The Dow opened Monday at 17,727.48 and ended the day Friday at 17,763.24. The S&P 500 performed even worse, adding just 2.85 points for a Friday close of 2,066.96. The NASDAQ was the big loser of the bunch, dropping -34.84 points over 5 days to close down to 4,886.94.

Overseas markets were largely mixed, although the big winners tended to come from Asia. Japan's Nikkei had a positive week, and Hong Kong's Hang Seng continued to recover after deep losses plagued the market two weeks ago.

The Week's 5 Biggest Penny Gainers. This week saw big penny stock gains from a mixture of different sectors, including technology services, retail trade, industrial services, and health technology.
It's a diverse bunch of stocks that all performed extremely well, adding at least 25% to their value over the past 5 days.

Voltari Corp (VLTC), a minor player in the internet software sector, had an amazing week that saw an astonishing 250% growth -- yes, you read that right -- to close at $2.63. The movement in stock price came after one sharp investor saw an opportunity for a hostile takeover, and took it. Great Basin Scientific (GBSN) filed for a groundbreaking patent this week, and saw share prices shoot up because of it. The company gained 113% this week and closed at $4.17 per share.

Sungy Mobile (GOMO) is working its way back up from a big fall from over $20 per share. The company is concentrating on fundamentals, has cut back its workforce, and is becoming profitable again. Sungy Mobile gained 32% this week to close at $4.46. Both New York & Company (NWY) and Genetic Technologies (GENE) gained more than 27% this week, closing at $3.07 and $4.70 respectively.

Monster Beverage Has Become A Big Player In Soft Drinks.  Upstart energy drink manufacturer Monster Beverages (MNST) has grown to become a big player in the soft drink game. They started this week strong before fading on Wednesday and not being able to recovery by the end of the day on Friday, but the company is still up 25% YTD. Energy drinks like Monster have become fashionable enough that Pepsi (PEP) and Coca-Cola (KO) have followed suit, but they've yet to see the same sort of ROI that Monster has.

Import Commodities Hit Hard By An Uncertain Dollar.  This past week has been hard on the value of the US Dollar, with various market conditions and Fed chatter keeping bond prices low. That's given a chance for foreign currencies to rebound somewhat, but the fundamental uncertainty is just as hard on the import market as a strong US Dollar would be. For instance, over the past month the price of cocoa has fallen nearly 12% to $2748.00 per metric ton.

OvaScience Inc Is The Biggest Loser Of The Week.  Fertility experts OvaScience Inc (OVAS) have had a tough week. They've seen share prices drop by 27% over 5 days as a result of multiple missed earnings reports. This week was just the straw that broke the camel's back for the company, and OvaScience is expected to continue trading at low levels until it can get its financial house in order and start meeting earnings forecasts. In the meantime, until the company starts to turn around, this is one stock that you want to avoid at all costs.

Tesla Beat Expectations, Delivered 55% More Electric Cars In Q1.  America's leading electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors (TSLA) released some good news today. Not only is the company delivering 55% more cars this quarter than the last, but it's beat volume expectations by nearly 1,000 additional cars. Tesla shipped out 10,500 electric cars last quarter, up from estimates of 9,500. The company saw stock prices rise by 3.41 points after the news was made public today, ending the week at $191.00 per share.

Autozone Trading At An All-Time High.  National auto-parts retailer Autozone (AZO) is an absolute giant in the industry. It leads the country in the amount of brick and mortar retail locations and maintains a very successful web presence. In short, if you need parts for your car, you're probably going to get them from Autozone.

All of that success has lead the company to trade at an astounding all-time high of $689.11 per share. Autozone's (AZO) experienced leadership, solid financials, and industry-leading market share make it a safe bet for any investor looking for a blue-collar blue chip.
Published on Apr 3, 2015
By Aaron Phillips
Aaron Phillips is a financial researcher and journalist based out of Michigan. He regularly writes the IG Daily and IG Weekly columns.

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