Dow Up 210 as Markets Recover From Disastrous Friday

Monday saw markets recover from Friday's downturn and post modest gains. The Dow was up 208.63 points to close at 18,034.93, and the NASDAQ posted a gain of 62.78 points to end the trading day at 4,994.60. The S&P 500 rose by 19.22 points to close at 2,100.40. In overseas trading, Germany's DAX recovered from Friday's losses as well, posting a 206.74 point gain. In Hong Kong's Hang Seng the traditional roller coaster ride has begun, with a huge -558.19 point loss that will offset some of the recent massive gains.

Morgan Stanley's Latest Round Of Upgrades Sends Stocks Soaring. Morgan Stanley (MS) has revised their positions on a few key companies as Q1 earnings reports continue to leak out.
Amazon (AMZN) is outperforming expectations, especially in the spotty retail trade sector, and did extremely well in trading today. The online retailer added 13.95 points to close at $389.51. Morgan Stanley also upgraded their outlook on Eagle (EGRX) and BioCryst Pharmaceuticals (BCRX), which rose in trading today by 6.62% and 5.21% respectively.

10-Year T-Bills Stuck At 1.90% Yield Ceiling.  The yield on 10-year Treasury notes, one of the key indicators of the strength of the US Dollar domestically and abroad, has been hovering around 1.90% for weeks now. As long as these yields stay low, and unemployment numbers remain positive but lackluster, it becomes more likely the the Fed will put off the coming rate hike until September.

Hasbro Up 13%, Royal Caribbean Dives 8% On Q1 Earnings. It's that time in the quarter again, when companies release their earnings statements and compare them with forecasts. We are still early on in the process, but every day more and more companies are making their disclosures to their shareholders and Wall Street at large. In trading today, toy-maker Hasbro (HAS) saw share prices shoot up 13%, up 8.27 points to $74.16, on an earnings and profit beat.

On the other hand, Royal Caribbean (RCL) stock fell 8%, or -6.32 points, to close the day's trading at $72.71 per share. As more Americans save their money and use it to pay down debt rather than buy luxuries, like all-you-can-eat cruises through the Caribbean, more and more high-end companies are set to see their earnings fall flat.

Hershey Flirting With Disaster As Trade Volume Is Up And Share Price Is Down. It looks like America's favorite chocolate company, Hershey's (HSY) is quickly turning sour on Wall Street. Analysts are starting to talk about Hershey's “leaking roof” -- that is a slow trickle of share price losses despite higher than average trade volume, coupled with a falling 200-day average price -- which could lead to a downpour. In trading today, Hershey's stock prices fell -2.06 points to close at $98.21 per share. Be on the lookout for those numbers to worsen as we move through the second quarter.

Forcefield Energy Continues To Implode Under Fraud Allegations, Down 21%. There's not much to say about Forcefield Energy's (FNRG) current situation, other than it looks like the business may have been involved in a number of illegally deceptive practices. Stock prices for Forcefield continued to drop in trading today, falling another 20% to $3.11 per share.
Published on Apr 20, 2015
By Aaron Phillips
Aaron Phillips is a financial researcher and journalist based out of Michigan. He regularly writes the IG Daily and IG Weekly columns.

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