Markets Up for Fourth Day Straight

Stocks ended higher for the fourth day straight, with the NASDAQ leading the pack among the three major indices. The Dow ended today's trading up 75.90 points, closing out at 18,053.58 -- finally poking its head above the 18k support point set earlier in the summer. The NASDAQ gained 0.66%, adding 33.38 points to close at 5,104.89. The S&P 500 finished the day at 2,108.95, gaining 9.35 points in trading today.

Micron Technology (MU) Up Big on Buyout Rumors

Tech company Micron (MU) was up big today, adding 11.36% on news that it could be bought out.
Rumor has it that a Chinese company has taken an interest in Micron, and has been in contact with their board about a potential buyout. Shares of Micron shot up as the news became public, adding 2 points to close the day up to $19.61 per share.

Navient (NAVI) Tumbles on Revised Guidance

Times are tough at Navient (NAVI) and, and that's taking a toll on revenues. In trading today, Navient dropped nearly 11% as investors unloaded the financial company. Navient fell 1.94 points to close the day at $16.42 per share.

Oil Holds Steady Despite Potential Iran Deal

One of the biggest worries about the price of oil is a potential plunge as Iranian oil makes its way onto the market. Today, with news of a deal with Iran on the horizon, oil surprised analysts and held steady. The price of oil is still down over 10% on the month, but the trend is reversing. But it will be incredibly hard for oil to reach the levels it was at until supply falls, as it currently outstrips demand.

Google (GOOGL) Soars Ahead of Earnings

Google (GOOGL) is getting ready for a breakout according to some analysts, as the company gets ready to make its earning public for this quarter. The company is up 6% over 5-days, and added an additional 2% in trading today. Google gained 12.45 points to close at 584.18.

Amazon (AMZN) at All-Time High

Shares of online retail giant Amazon (AMZN) hit an all-time high today, after the stock soared 10 points higher to close at $65.57 per share. Opinions are mixed about whether or not Amazon (AMZN) can continue to pile on the gains, but one thing's for sure -- the online retailer is well-positioned to try. Amazon's sales were up last quarter even as retail spending as a whole dropped. The company is currently expanding into the video on-demand business, and the Amazon Prime program ahs matured into a full-featured subscription service.
Published on Jul 14, 2015
By Aaron Phillips
Aaron Phillips is a financial researcher and journalist based out of Michigan. He regularly writes the IG Daily and IG Weekly columns.

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