Dow Beaten Down to 17,550

Markets were mixed today, but trending downward. Each sector performed differently, with Tech and Health Services generally up on the day, which Transportation and the beleaguered Energy Minerals sectors underperforming. The Dow posted a loss of 47.51 points in trading today, and closed at 17,550.69. The NASDAQ lost money in spite of the tech rally, dropping 9.83 points to close the day at 5,105.55. The S&P 500 also fell, losing 4.72 points to close at 2,093.32.

Netflix (NFLX) Keeps Growing

Netflix (NFLX) just keeps growing, and today it reached record highs.
A booming Q2 helped things along, but the real reason that shares of Netflix are at all-time highs is increased adoption. More and more people want to subscribe to the internet service for their television offerings, it seems.

Netflix isn’t just growing at home, reports show that it’s growing overseas at a record clip. Everyone wants to be a part of the Netflix game, whether as an investor or just a subscriber. Part of the cachet is the American television and movies that it streams, which are unbelievably popular overseas.

Apple (AAPL) Down 15% From Its Earlier High

Device manufacturer Apple (AAPL) is down 15% from from its earlier year-long highs. The worm in this particular Apple is weak device sales, particularly with its new Apple Watch, which most customers have decided to pan. Apple is still selling well overseas, where iPhones are still the same sort of status symbol that they used to be years ago at home.

But sales abroad aren’t enough to keep shareholders happy it seems, and that’s the crux of the problem. Where Netflix (NFLX) is growing in both domestic and overseas marketplaces, Apple is struggling at home and overperforming in China. Of course, it may only be a matter of releasing a new phone that gets Apple on top again. They are the worldwide leader in branded device sales.

Oil Steadies Itself Around $46, but Another Fall is Coming

The price of a barrel of crude oil has steadied around $46, but when summer is over most analysts agree that the price of oil will fall again. Part of the reason is the current supply glut, which is outpacing even oversized summer demand.

Another reason that oil is set to fall is the looming deal with Iran, which will allow them to openly sell on the worldwide marketplace. Regardless of what happens with Iran, oil is set to fall because more people are pumping it than are putting it in their car, and that’s a problem without an immediate solution. Look for prices to be around $40 per barrel by the end of September.
Published on Aug 4, 2015
By Aaron Phillips
Aaron Phillips is a financial researcher and journalist based out of Michigan. He regularly writes the IG Daily and IG Weekly columns.

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