Bond Yields Bounce Back

Markets were trading up today in slightly higher than average volume. The Dow led the day in real gains, adding 1.85%, or 304.06 points. The Dow closed out the trading day at 16,776.43. The NASDAQ was up 73.48 points, and closed at 4,781.26. The S&P 500 gained 35.69 points in trading today, and closed out trading at 1,987.05.

In international trading, markets were generally up. Across Europe, markets were up big. In France, the CAC was up by 158 points. London’s FTSE had a good day as well, gaining 169 points. Germany’s DAX also ended the day’s trading in the black, posting gains of 262 points.
In Asia, Japan’s Nikkei posted a gain of 281 points. The Hang Seng in Hong Kong added 348 points and continued to recover from last month’s devastating downturn. In Australia, the ASX gained 95 points.

Bond Yields Bounce Back

The yield for 10-year Treasury notes ended today up 0.07%. This comes on the back of a week-long slide downward as markets followed suit. The numbers are important because the Treasury yield curve can be used to predict everything from consumer spending to industrial demand. It’s also useful because it’s a good, clean look at how strong the dollar is relative to other currencies. It’s expected that the yield of Treasury bonds will continue to rise throughout the end of the year.

Mattel (MAT) Higher on High Tech Toy News

Toy manufacturer Mattel (MAT) saw share prices spike today, on news that it was releasing a new high-tech Barbie doll. Although sales of the dolls have been falling for the past year, the company is gambling on this new product to turn their luck around. The new Barbie doll product, billed as ‘Hello Barbie,’ is capable of saying over 8,000 separate phrases. Mattel stock was up by 8.48% in trading today, adding 1.69 points to close the day at $21.62 per share.

Marathon Oil (MRO) Continues to Rally

Shares of Marathon Oil (MRO) continued its 2-day rally today, adding another 8.34%. This brings the two day total up to 17%. Marathon is rising on increasing consumer demand, as well as slowly rising oil prices. The company refines oil and sells gasoline across the United States, and benefits from lower oil prices more than many other companies in the sector.
Published on Oct 5, 2015
By Aaron Phillips
Aaron Phillips is a financial researcher and journalist based out of Michigan. He regularly writes the IG Daily and IG Weekly columns.

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