1 Great Way to Benefit From the Solar Industry

Although renewable energy accounts for a very small percentage of total energy generation, it is undoubtedly growing. Investors can profit from this growth by betting on the right stock in the solar industry.

2015 was a volatile year for solar industry, as almost all the companies ended the year in the red. However, SunPower (SPWR) performed relatively better than most of its peers. While consensus is busy discussing cash flow statements and earnings broadcasts, SunPower proved it once again that it is a prominent player in the industry.

At present, the solar industry is growing rapidly, and the amount of rooftop solar systems presently in place will feeble in contrast to the number of systems installed a decade after from now.
In the coming two years alone, the Solar Energy Industries Association projects approximately 20,000 MW of new solar capacity to be operational, almost doubling up our nation’s existing capacity. SunPower wants to be the company that accounts to accomplish the given projection.

In late February this year, the company detailed that its new SunPower X-Series panel punched in at a record-breaking 22.8 percent efficiency. The efficiency produced by X-Series panel is far way better than the conventional panels’ 15-18 percent efficiency, and successfully tops even First Solar’s 18.2 percent efficiency.

On the other hand, First Solar had been busy dealing with Chinese producers during the past few years as its cost effectiveness wrinkled, but SunPower carries on to hold leading position in terms of efficiency.

From 2010, average residential solar costs have declined around 45 percent, with utility scale prices plunging even more. However, efficiency enhancements are most significant, clients of all models also need the preeminent bargain.

Conversely, First Solar observed that its utility scale offerings grind down when it failed to compete on cost alone, and required to improve its efficiency, which it did.

Apart from this, in the US, throughout the starting three quarters previous year, solar was responsible for 30 percent of all new electric producing capacity fetched online. SunPower projects solar installation to double in the period of 2015-2020 with shipments surpassing 100GW and solar to account for $200 billion market by 2020.


While solar industry is growing, it is important for investors to pick the right investments. Investing in loss making companies like SolarCity and SunEdison has proven to be disastrous in the past, which is my favourite pick in the sector is SunPower.
Published on Mar 23, 2016
By Akshansh Gandhi

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