Tesla’s Model 3 Is a Big Win for the Company

Tesla Motors (TSLA) claims that the Model 3 can cover a range of at least 215 miles or 346 km in 1 full charge, which is a big thing. However, there is close to a year before the production version comes out. So we can expect a higher range owing to the continuous developments in battery technology that go on at Tesla. There will be rear as well as front wheel drive options available to the customers.

Also, because there is no internal combustion engine in it, the Model 3 will feel more spacious to passengers than similar-sized petrol-based cars.

So at the first glance, Model 3 looks like a game changer for the Indian automobile industry.

Affordability, ever increasing range, the insane acceleration and the zero emission characteristic are all what the youth of this young nation have been waiting for. And unlike China, there is no local player with the caliber to challenge Telsa.

Some of the big names of the new-age technology company leaders in India have already stated on twitter their interest in this most anticipated car from the American car manufacturer. In fact, some have already shelled out the $1,000 booking amount in India. Model 3 is rightly priced and designed for the Indian neo-rich. And there are enough of them to be found these days thanks to the start-up boom we have seen over the last decade or so.

Focus on China

There is some time before the Model 3 will be delivered to the Indian customers. So, it is to be seen how Tesla utilizes this time to build the charging infrastructure in India. If it does it well, the success of Model 3 in India is a given. Moreover, Tesla will find success with the car in China as it has already set up an extensive supercharger network in China, especially along the east coast.

However, Tesla will have to increase the pace of development of the charging infrastructure in the country. Other than the east coast, China doesn’t have ample density of supercharging stations. So, Tesla’s focus should be to increase the density of its superchargers in the middle and the western regions as well.

Also, most Chinese people who could own a Model 3, even the middle and the upper class, live in apartments in the city unlike in the U.S. So, some method of charging their cars will have to be devised in order to make the ownership of the car convenient. The good thing is that Tesla has already proven this model in the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, most people live in high-rise apartments and the city has the maximum percentage of people who reside in high rises across the globe. Despite this, there is a huge demand for Tesla’s previous Models in Hong Kong and the reaction to the Model 3 was also quite enthusiastic to say the least.

Thus, most of the charging will have to be done at home which might prove expensive and unreliable in India. Thus, Tesla will have to match the number of models it is planning to sell in India to the number of superchargers it will install under its expansion plan.

Published on May 9, 2016
By Subhen Mittra

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