The Most Promising Companies to Invest Money in 2016

Trying to decide where you will invest money next? Choosing the most promising companies can be very tricky as you never know it for sure. Plus, unforeseen circumstances can arrive and throw perfect predictions out of the window.

Thankfully, you still can make a decision based on facts that can minimize these factors, such as experts’ opinions, balance sheets, and even your own gut. Plus, you probably know that you should never put all your eggs in one basket, just to stay on the safe side.
Anyway, having considered this, here is the list of the five companies that are considered as a good bet for 2016, so you can choose your favorite and take it from there.

SolarWinds (SWI)

SolarWinds is a 17 years-old company from Texas, United States, with sales and product development offices all over the world.

They develop IT management software known for their power and affordability. Their revenue is around US$ 500 million per year – a figure that doubled from 2012 to 2014, a year when the company was considered by Forbes as the 11th Best Small Company worldwide. In January 2016, SolarWinds was taken private for US$ 4.5 billion. They are also proud of their 150 awards and their highly-skilled staff.

HMS Holding Corp. (HMSY)

Healthcare is a promising industry all over the world and it becomes even more true when a company comes up with a solution that makes it more profitable and efficient. And this is what HMS Holding Corp has been able to do by providing cost containment services to U.S. Government and private healthcare payers and sponsors. They claim that their services can ensure that healthcare claims are paid correctly and to prevent and reduce fraud. Their annual review is around US$ 500 million, and their sales have been growing at 26% per year over the past five years. (ACOM)

This internet-based business offers people the opportunity to investigate their roots through several genealogical services. It currently is the largest private genealogy service in the world offering over 16 billion records from several countries in the world – including a DNA database with around 1.4 million DNA samples - to their more than 2 million subscribers.
Their revenue will be reaching US$ 700 million soon, but family trees and so is just the beginning: Ancestry has partnered with Calico to analyze their DNA database and try to find out any possible relationship between genetics and longevity in order to develop and commercialize therapeutics from it.

iRobot Corp (IRBT)

If you are a believer that the time has arrived when robots and virtual reality will be part of our lives, then you should consider investing in iRobot Corp. This company, which was born inside the MIT manufactured robots for military, medical, and domestic purposes has been reaching a revenue of over US$ 550 million per year. And their staff include many of the most experienced researchers and professionals in robotics.
Only their Roomba® Vacuum Cleaning Robot has been sold to around 10 million households so far, and they spend a significant part of their budget on cutting-edge research in a constant search for self-improvement. On the military side, their robots are already substituting soldiers and officers in dangerous situations and tasks – for instance, one of their solutions is a transphobic robot which can insert itself into the water and was designed for surveillance, mine detection, and harbor defense.

IPG Photonics (IPGP)

The world leader in fiber lasers and amplifiers has a revenue of almost US$ 800 million per year and is based in Massachusetts, United States, but has manufacturing facilities in Germany, Russia, and Italy, as well. IPG Photonics solutions can be applied to the material processing, medical industry, and telecommunications, among other sectors.

In Conclusion

Now you have five of the most promising companies according to the experts, so you can choose in which one you will invest your money – or you can distribute your investment among them. Good luck!

Published on Jul 29, 2016
By Jonathan Emmen
Jonathan Emmen – freelance blogger, marketer and passionate traveler. You can find more on his Twitter.

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