Stages of a Successful Trader

Did you go through all these stages?
#1 The newbie trader
A friend / family member / co-worker introduces you to stock/forex trading. He showed you his phone or his computer and you didn’t understand too much about what was happening on the screen. You saw different colors like some red and some green, but you didn’t grasp the concept of trading, nor have you tried it for yourself!
You are the newbie trader! But kudos, you just made your first step into to the world of trading. Maybe it’s for fun, maybe you want to start becoming serious about your personal investments.
But any way you just downloaded your first trading application and want to give it a shot! Don’t stop yet… You still have a long path ahead.
#2 The teenage trader
At this stage, you have a trading app installed on your phone. You already started doing some research on the topic. But you are still lost in all the different sources and information you can find about this vast topic. It’s normal. We all went through this. This is the moment when you create your first trading account, demo account of course. You don’t want to start risking your money yet, you don’t feel ready yet.
#3 The awakening
Isn’t that the latest Star Wars movie? Euuu yeaaahh.. It’s when you have the “moment” where everything becomes lucid, you understand how it works, you get it, you own it. You are still making some mistakes, some losing trades, but your portfolio ratio is almost positive. And more importantly, you are playing with real money! Finish practicing with fake money.
#4 The trade like a boss trader
Money is coming in! Congrats. You made your first transfer from your brokerage account to your own bank account. That was a hard earned dollar. You probably just got a pizza with that money because it wasn’t a big amount, but man I’m sure it tasted good!
#5 On the top of the world
You’re now the Dan Bilzerian of trading. You can’t stop bragging about how much money you make on social media. Yeah, we get it, you have the new Lamborghini car that everybody is dreaming about. But you deserve it, you succeeded and it wasn’t as easy as people want to make you believe.
Your second nickname is “the new Wolf of Wall Street”, you never miss a good investment opportunity! Come on guy, share some of your tips, email me.
By olivier alcouffe
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