Has Samsung Done Better Than Apple?

Apple (AAPL) and Samsung (SSNLF) have taken the smartphone market head on. With both the companies reporting underwhelming sales of their previous flagship devices, they have certainly upped the ante this time around. Despite controversies surrounding the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 has reported strong sales growth.

On the contrary, Apple’s pre orders are soaring as per carriers like T-Mobile and Sprint. I believe Samsung was on its way to take a commanding lead in sales growth this time around, however the recent explosion of the Galaxy Note 7 may have given Apple a chance to fight back.

Due to the explosions, Samsung announced a global recall for all the Note 7 users.
While the figure of confirmed faults of the Note 7 battery is few, Samsung is stumbling on the side of caution. It can be surely said that the Note 7 battery problem will have adverse effect on the company’s reputation, but stockholders should also keep in mind that this is the first mistake that Samsung has made in the high-end smartphone market.

Most significantly, Samsung is putting lot of efforts to solve Note 7’s battery problem, but it will take some time to regain its lost reputation.
Has Samsung Done Better Than Apple?
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On the other hand, Apple’s new iPhones will gain additional boost mainly due to the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 concerns, as Note 7 was going to be the smartphone that stood up the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in comparison test.

It is true that Apple has made a big change in excluding the headphone jack, but is this enough to force iPhone as well as other smartphone users to upgrade to iPhone 7 models? One significant issue with the removal of jack is that if you have your headphones plugged into your Lightning port, the port cannot be used parallel for charging purpose.

Apart from this, the change brought by Apple might be a bit expensive because people lose their headphones a lot and buy comparatively cheap products. This will eventually result into holding the Lightning-to-3.55 mm adapter.

Although Samsung has shot itself in the foot, I still think the battle will be pretty close this year. That being said, I still expect Samsung to come out as the winner due to the innovations. If you compare both the devices with its predecessors, it can be seen that Samsung has added a lot more features to its phone than Apple, which is why I think Samsung will perform better.
Published on Sep 15, 2016
By Akshansh Gandhi

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