If You’re Looking to Profit From VR, Buying Google Is a No-Brainer

The virtual reality market is growing at a rapid pace and investors looking to profit from this uptrend are constantly on the lookout for the best company in the sector. While there are many good companies in the sector, it would be unwise to not have Google (GOOG)(GOOGL) in your portfolio if you are confident about the prospects of this sector. Google is the biggest company that is currently active in the VR space and I would recommend investors to buy the stock as it would likely dominate the sector in the future.

Google’s upcoming Daydream VR platform

The virtual reality market consists of massive opportunities to offer for many companies, and Google is well positioned to gain huge advantages from the VR market.

The company is aggressively focusing on the virtual reality market and putting lot of efforts to grasp a robust position in the VR market.
When the company decided to get staid regarding virtual reality two years ago, it took its first step by convincing its own employees.

Initially, Google launched its Google Cardboard that was cheap and handy which turned a mobile phone grounded on its Android mobile OS into an improvised virtual reality headset.
If You’re Looking to Profit From VR, Buying Google Is a No-Brainer
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As a matter of fact, the company received great response in return which forced the employees to believe that virtual reality was not just an experiment but a huge bet worth making.

Furthermore, Google is on its way to launch its new Daydream VR platform as well as content hub, according to Bloomberg. The company detailed that Daydream will offer virtual reality based games, applications, and videos for VR supported smartphones.

The company is heavily investing in the VR market, as it believes that virtual reality could turn into a leading way people engross with VR just like the Android became the prevailing way people engross with smartphones.

Most significantly, the prospect for the company is that its new Daydream VR platform could turn into the place to access virtual reality content on smartphones. At present stage, there is no such type of virtual reality content hub. Google, instead of getting involved in a battle of having content creators or hardware manufacturers, is using a very smart approach to bring them all together at a single platform.

As a matter of fact, TrendForce believes the virtual reality market will grow over $70 billion in sales by 2020, driven mostly by software. And, this is the primary reason why Google anticipates making the major impact.

Given the huge potential, I am very confident about Google’s prospects in the space and would recommend to investors to add it to their portfolios.
Published on Sep 16, 2016
By Prudent Investor

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