2 Best Ways to Profit From Virtual Reality

The virtual reality market is growing at a rapid pace and understandably, there are several companies trying to gain traction in this space. While there are many options for investors to choose from, I think the two companies mentioned below are perfectly placed to benefit from it.


NVIDIA (NVDA) is one of the significant companies that is poised to gain huge advantage from the virtual reality trend. The company achieved a leading position in the GPU market, but extension into new ventures has pushed the stock higher.

NVIDIA is aggressively focusing on virtual reality, as it has introduced various graphics cards for desktop as well as notebooks that feature virtual reality.
A PC equipped with GeForce GTX GPU proposes the amusing Virtual reality experience, with efficient performance, higher immersion, as well as superior reliability.

As a matter of fact, even the lowest VR ready GeForce GPU proposes twice the performance of console like Sony PS4 or Microsoft Xbox One. On the other hand, NVIDIA’s Virtual reality SDK, VRWorks is being implemented by numerous virtual reality developers such as Solfar Studios.

The company has generated VRWorks in such a way that it can provide headset as well as applications developers the best performance, deepest latency, and compatibility for Virtual reality.

Moreover, NVIDIA has started a GeForce GTX Virtual reality Ready program that helps the customer to attain the correct gear for Virtual reality.
2 Best Ways to Profit From Virtual Reality
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The company detailed that its GeForce program has over 100 PC manufacturers, system builders, as well as retailers worldwide.

Himax Technologies

Apart from NVIDIA, Himax Technologies (HIMX) is another company that is well positioned to achieve huge benefits form the virtual reality and augmented reality trends. The company noticed that AR will surge the company’s revenue generated from liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) as well as wafer-level optics (WLO) for the second half of this year.

Moreover, the company projects that the apps for AR escalating from AR glasses and head-up displays ranging for automotive apps to smartphones will support the growing AR market to turn into a multi-billion dollar industry.

More significantly, it is likely that Microsoft has opted Himax for its upcoming AR headset, HoloLens. It may be possible that HoloLens may not be able to reach massive production volumes in the beginning but could prove to be a huge contributor to Himax Technologies.


Both the Virtual reality and Augmented Reality markets are expected to boom together and NVIDIA and Himax Technologies are perfectly positioned to benefit from this trend. As a result, I think both these stocks are a buy.
Published on Sep 21, 2016
By Akshansh Gandhi

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