Alphabet Inc Introduces Google Allo: This Is a Great Move

Google Allo is Alphabet Inc's (GOOG)(GOOGL) messaging app that is expected to be in competition with similar messaging apps such as Apple Inc's (AAPL) iMessage, WhatsApp and Facebook Inc's (FB) Messenger app.

Allo can’t be considered a replacement for Hangout, but Google is planning to launch a separate app soon for Android and iOS users.

An impressive product

Google’s Allo is believed to have some in-built machine learning that is developed in accordance with the company’s advanced virtual assistant called Google Assistant.
Allo learns with time to consistently make discussions both highly productive and easy.

Google is keenly focused on delivering consistent high-quality innovation for its customers while uniquely exciting them with its superior product quality and eye-catching features. Users will encounter smart and impressive replies that are not the regular reply options that competing messaging platforms offer.
Alphabet Inc Introduces Google Allo: This Is a Great Move
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Instead, Google’s smart assistant will learn with time and give out custom-made, extremely personal replies that users would truly use.

Allo is also expected to provide well-suited suggestions about any good dining places around by strategically and intelligently analyzing the photos and related content of such attractive places by using Google Images. In addition, this feature-rich app is equipped with artificial intelligence capabilities to almost correctly guess user’s replies in form of either text or other innovative features like end-to-end encryption also called as Incognito, sticker packs and unique voice messages.

Google Allo is available for free of cost download to iOS and Android devices.

Impressive features

Apart from these unique features, Google’s Allo is believed to provide a direct chatting feature with its users in form of texts that would enable its users to search for songs, movies or any other entertainment without signing off from the app. This feature closely resembles Facebook’s chatbots.

The intelligently attractive and hugely competitive features of the Google’s Allo app is believed to notably attract user’s attention while expanding the tech giant’s already strong customer base rather, increasingly eroding the active customer base of several of its key competitors including, Facebook, Twitter Inc (TWTR) and Skype.

According to Google, Allo is expected to be the most technologically-advanced messaging service to date, assisted by an innovative robotic associate that can recommend or even write replies in typed format on the behalf of users. This Smart Reply mechanism is targeted at making the procedure of messaging simpler while gradually learning to respond in form of pictures, most preferred words and phrases or one’s own photos for reply.

Apple’s Siri is expected to be much smarter than any other artificial intelligence application. but its capabilities are still lacking. Amazon's (AMZN) voice-driven bot called Alexa is fitted in the company’s echo and tap dot speakers that clearly illustrates the expanded usefulness of the advanced gadgets when a person verbally communicates with them.

A long-term opportunity

The robotized communication mechanism being controlled by superior artificial intelligence and automatic learning techniques will inevitably capture the global mobile and handheld devices market while illustrating significant growth prospects for the company over the long-term.
Published on Oct 4, 2016
By Yaggyaseni Mittra

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