Goldman Sachs Downgrades Tesla: Concerns Over SolarCity & Model 3

On October 6, Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS) downgraded shares of Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) from "buy" to "neutral" over growing concerns regarding a potential delay to the Model 3 launch. The investment bank also noted complications from its acquisition of SolarCity Corp (SCTY).

Goldman lowered its 6-month price target to $185.

Wall Street doesn't know what to think

Sentiment seems to be increasingly volatile for Tesla.

Morgan Stanley (MS) recently issued an "equal-weight" rating with a $245 price target, representing around 25% upside.
Still, it voiced similar concerns to Goldman over near-term issues. Morgan Stanley specifically noted upcoming issues over cash and funding levels.
Goldman Sachs Downgrades Tesla: Concerns Over SolarCity & Model 3
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It's important to note, however, that most Wall Street analysts continue to be very bullish on the long-term potential of Tesla, especially with its new mass-market Model 3 vehicle.

The mixed sentiment seems to stem from issues regarding short-term capital levels and quarterly vehicle deliveries. For example, some analysts are positive on Tesla's ability to execute on its second-half delivery guidance of 50,000 units. Many others are still concerned with ongoing discounting measures and cash flow headwinds.

How should you view Tesla?

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Published on Oct 7, 2016
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