Our Top 3 Consumer Stocks for October

This year, The NPD Group anticipates that holiday spending will be on the rise. According to their latest research, 20% of consumers have already started shopping for the holidays, a noticeable increase from earlier years.

“All signs point to a holiday retail season that will outperform last year’s,” says Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst at The NPD Group. “The unvarying holiday spending intentions expressed by consumers are a sign that even this year’s intense election cycle has done little to dampen consumer confidence going into the holiday season, which we forecast to grow moderately.”
But just because consumers are spending more doesn't mean that all consumer stocks will benefit.

The data shows that big brands may see the biggest rise in sales.
“Consumers are ready to spend this holiday season. However, more than ever before, how much they spend will be determined by their own perception of the products and promotions they are presented with, rather than the simple fact that the products and promotions are there,”  NPD's report says.

So, which stocks should you be buying on this news?

At InvestorGuide, we've compiled our writer's best ideas.
Our Top 3 Consumer Stocks for October
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Published on Oct 12, 2016
By Ryan Vanzo
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