Term of the Day Wordpress Plugin Term of the Day Wordpress Plugin This plugin lets you add Term of the Day to your blog. You can add the term using Wordpress widget, or directly to your theme using PHP code:
<?php displayTOD(); ?>

The plugin also comes with admin panel that lets you specify the number of words to display, the heading, and styling information (using CSS sytle sheet).

Why should you use this?

If you run an investing blog, this plug in provides you users with relevant value-added content that's updated daily.

Installation Instruction

  1. Download the plugin from
  2. Unzip
  3. Upload to your wp-content/plugins folder
  4. Activate the plugin
  5. To add via Widget, go to the widget admin panel and drag "Investing Term of the Day" to desired location
  6. To add via PHP code, use theme editor and add <?php displayTOD(); ?> to your theme
  7. Go to Settings > IW Investing Term to configure the plugin as needed

That's it!

Sample Sites

If you are using this plugin, please let us know and we'll list your site here.


Published on Feb 1, 2010
By InvestorGuide Staff

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