About Us

InvestorGuide.com is WebFinance Inc.'s flagship business. The site's mission is to empower individual investors to take control of their finances and investments through the Internet. InvestorGuide.com believes that every investor, regardless of experience, can benefit from a guide designed to help them sort through all of the investing information on the Internet. Sections that benefit everyone equally are those covering online brokers, stock information, and a comprehensive list of publicly traded companies (including home pages, research, and discussion).

Our Mission

Our mission is to give you complete control over your financial future. Why did we build InvestorGuide? The days of having to use traditional full-service brokers are over, as the Web is accelerating an investing and personal finance revolution. For the first time, you have all the tools you need to handle your own personal finance and investing decisions. You no longer need to rely on the 'professionals' to make the decisions for you. In short, the playing field has been leveled. Yet the transition from using a broker to investing online on your own is not easy, and we recognize and understand this fact. InvestorGuide.com is geared makes this transition as easy and smooth as possible. The internet has enabled everyone, regardless of their financial situation, to access investing information. If the old problem was a lack of information, a new one has replaced it - there is too much information, it's constantly changing, and it's difficult to know what information is useful and what should be ignored. With an enormous amount of investing information available at the click of a button, investors need a way to sort through everything as quickly and as easily as possible. Because of the overwhelming amount of information available, investors often need to connect with expert advisors and other financial service providers. InvestorGuide.com brings together all of these key players. How are we different from other online investing guides? The most frequent complaints we hear about other online investing guides are their difficutly of use, lack of clarity, lack of filtering, and lack of true community. We believe that we have tackled each of those problems successfully: In short, InvestorGuide.com is the most comprehensive tool that exists on the web or elsewhere for helping you manage your investments and personal finances; it is free and always will be; and it will keep getting better, as we continuously strive to improve it, the sites we link to, and the content providers we partner with.