Forex (Currency)

Banks Fined $5.7 Billion Over Fraud and Abuse

May 21st, 2015

News broke after the end of trading on Wednesday that banks from all over the world would be punished with massive fines for their part in manipulating the FOREX foreign currency exchange. In addition to FOREX, some of the banks were also guilty of LIBOR rate fraud. Multiple federal and international regulatory bodies found them … READ MORE

Searching For The Next Bubble: Stocks, Currencies, Bonds & Commodities

May 6th, 2015

The funny thing about bubbles is that everyone recognizes them in hindsight but at the time, most people fail to heed the warning signs. When you think about how easy it was for people to get mortgages pre-2008, it seems ludicrous. When you think about the crazy valuations of Internet stocks during the Dot-com bubble, … READ MORE

Pros and Cons of a Demo Account in Forex

March 20th, 2015

Several forex brokers and experts advise you to practice and hone your forex skills by creating a demo forex account first. A demo forex account is a sort of a virtual training program where you get to operate in a totally risk free environment. Practicing your trading skills in a demo forex account helps you … READ MORE

What Exactly are Trading Forex Platforms

December 17th, 2014

Forex trading has certainly evolved into a hugely popular trading format in recent times. The main reason for this is the uniqueness of the currency market that allows investors of any magnitude to trade in. The various benefits that a trader gets with Forex cannot be compared to other trading formats. Most forex traders usually … READ MORE

Euro vs. US Dollar

November 25th, 2014

The Euro and the US Dollar are two of the most dominant global currencies in many different regards. Many countries hold these currencies in their government reserves, transactions in many countries can be fixed in Euro or US Dollar denominations, and the countries these currencies are officially used in are dominant in the global economy. … READ MORE

Trade Forex like a Sniper and Hit the Bull’s Eye

October 29th, 2014

A sniper has limited number of bullets. He has a limited number of targets. His intentions are limited. The ramifications are extraordinary. Replace the sniper with a foreign exchange trader, and you get the smartest bloke on Wall Street. Many traders have entered into the market with a lot of ammunition and skill, but have … READ MORE

Price Action Trading – A Solution for Exasperated Forex Traders

October 22nd, 2014

My philosophy on Forex trading is that: Price Action (PA) is the best system that can be utilized for trading the currency markets, while money management is your defensive edge (and the key to preserving and building your capital), and strong mental discipline is your offensive edge (enabling you to stick to your trading plan … READ MORE

What Can We Learn About Forex Trading From Crocodiles?

September 29th, 2014

It might sound funny to some, but we must have all heard several references from the animal world whenever talking about trading and finance in general. Bulls and Bears, Wolf of Wall Street, Loan Shark etc. are famous and popularized references made for the world of finance and trading. Joining new in the list of … READ MORE

Choosing the Best Platform to Learn Forex Trading

July 24th, 2014

Foreign exchange trading is an exciting and challenging way to make money. Having the best tools at your disposal is critical. It’s important to select the best forex trading platform to make trading simpler, more efficient and more profitable. The ideal platform will include trading tools and education to help you learn to be a … READ MORE

Forex News, A Non-Technical Aspect of Trading Strategy

July 3rd, 2014

The current market scenario has leading expert strategy advisors. However, the forex news trading is considered to be the least popular format, according to the technical aspects. There are forex robots, who analyze their genre of profit, by calculating the past prices in order to analyze the future currency position. There are beliefs of the … READ MORE

Top 10 Global Events in the Cryptocurrency Market

June 9th, 2014

There are a wide range of different news events that are starting to draw in attention from many within the Bitcoin community. Some people will be watching to see whether these changes may prove to be a positive development for the cryptocurrency. It could actually presage some of the major changes that are going underway … READ MORE

7 Rookie Forex Trading Mistakes

February 19th, 2014

Forex trading is one of the most challenging ventures a person could probably undertake in their life. Going to the gym and building muscle won’t help you, nor will going to university and getting a fancy degree. This job requires psychological features of strength, which most new traders do not have, and sadly may never … READ MORE

Pros and Cons of FOREX Arbitrage

April 23rd, 2013

Using triangular or transitivity arbitrage strategies on the FOREX market has one very salient advantage: predetermined profits can be realized if the trades execute smoothly. Unfortunately, the disadvantages of this strategy are numerous: Higher transaction costs. The trader must pay the bid-ask spreads on three separate trades. Higher margin requirements. Roughly three times the margin … READ MORE

What is Arbitrage in FOREX?

April 23rd, 2013

Arbitrage, especially triangulation methods, is a perfect candidate for computer analysis and execution; it requires both deep and lightning-fast calculation. In general, arbitrage is the purchase or sale of any financial instrument and simultaneous taking of an equal and opposite position in a related market for the purpose of taking advantage of small price differentials … READ MORE

Grid and Pac Man Programs

April 23rd, 2013

Another interesting and less esoteric direction in FOREX automated trading are grid and Pac Man programs. Between the resurgence of artificial intelligence at one end and the continued frenzy of HF and UHF trading at the other end, a new trading paradigm is emerging. Grid systems trade both sides of a market, scaling in-and-out of … READ MORE

The Trend Machine

April 23rd, 2013

There is, however, exciting and promising research using nonlinear methods and modeling techniques culled from the sciences of complexity and artificial life (A-life). The underlying hypothesis is this: While the basic input data of the marketsâ

Into the Future of FOREX

April 23rd, 2013

Although it has lost some luster in this century, application of artificial intelligence (AI) methods has been seen in the FOREX arena. The three primary approaches are: expert systems, neural networks, and genetic algorithms. I developed an expert system-neural network hybrid in the early 1980s, Jonathan’s Wave, and used it successfully in the futures markets … READ MORE

High-Frequency and Ultra-High-Frequency Trading

April 23rd, 2013

I anticipated this in an article I wrote some years ago, “A Bust to the Markets” (Currency Codex, 1996): It will be most interesting to see how HFT and UHFT develop in the future. It should be said that at least in the short term, they do add liquidity to the market, which is, of … READ MORE

Cloud Computing in FOREX Trading

April 23rd, 2013

Cloud computing is all the rage today. It is not as new as the marketing people would like us to believe, of course. Application service providers (ASPs) were cloud vendors 10 years ago. But cloud does sound more exciting and the available storage media and space and bandwidth has aided its expansion greatly. FOREX traders … READ MORE

Automated Trading, Agents, and BOTS

April 23rd, 2013

An expert advisor may be manually traded — the trader waits for the signal and then executes the order manually, or, more commonly, automatically traded — the expert advisor executes the trade as it occurs. Computers do not get tired or hungry. They can make money for you 24 hours a day — if the … READ MORE