InvestorGuide Book Mentions has been featured in many books. Here are some examples:
The Stock Market Course by George A. Fontanills The InvestorGuide is a tremendous resource for personal investing on the Web. This excellent, comprehensive site focuses on investing, personal finance, and education.
Everyone's Money Book by Jordan E. Goodman InvestorGuide A massive site with links to thousands of other investment-related sites. The site also has a great deal of information on the principles of finance and investing, and what to watch for when you take others' advice. The site links you to articles of interest in the major personal finance magazines, as well.
Charles Schwab's Guide to Financial Independence : Simple Solutions for Busy People by Charles Schwab InvestorGuide: A massive site with a free e-mail newsletter.
Researching Online for Dummies by Reva Basch InvestorGuide ( includes some excellent background information on personal finance and investing, along with the standard links to stock quotes, investment research, and news.
Trade Options Online (Wiley Online Trading for a Living) by George A. Fontanills InvestorGuide This excellent, comprehensive site focuses on investing, personal finance, and education. In addition to quotes and news, it has a great FAQ section with responses to investment questions. You can also subscribe to the weekly newsletter. Site Design: 9/10 User-friendliness: 9/10 Real Use: 9/10
Teach Yourself® Investing Online by Thomas S. Gray InvestorGuide has its usual excellent nuts-and-bolts description of IPO investing, with source lists of brokers who sell new issues to individuals, companies offering direct or online IPOs, and IPO mutual funds. If you want custom portfolios and quotes fast, go to You need only username and password. For links of more than 100 brokers who offer online trading go to
1001 Incredible Things to Do on the Internet by Ken Leebow Besides praising, Ken Leebow also mentions, the sister site of He says that will make your financial journey very pleasant.
Investing Online for Dummies, Fourth Edition by Kathleen Sindell Many of the nation's premier corporations have DRIPs, including most of the companies in the Dow Industrial Average. The InvestorGuide page on DRIPs and DPPs ( has a public directory with links to the corporate home pages of many companies that have dividend reinvestment plans.
The Real Life Investing Guide: How to Buy Whatever You Want, Save for Retirement, and Take the Vacation of Your Dreams While You're Still Young by Kenan Pollack InvestorGuide Although some of the content is for more advanced investors, there are lots of pages of starter information for those just learning the ropes.
Business Start-Up Kit by Steven D. Strauss The Web is the best place to find these sorts of investors [venture capital firms and angel investors]. Some sites you might try are:
InvestorGuide also appears as a recommended site in the following publications: Finance and Investment Hand Book by John Downes Worry-Free Investing: A Safe Approach to Achieving Your Lifetime Financial Goals by Zvi Bodie and Michael Clowes Mastering Strategy : Insights from the World's Greatest Leaders and Thinkers by Jeffrey Rigsby