money paid as a loan or as a part of a payment to be made later

  • She asked if she could have a cash advance.

  • We paid her an advance on account.

  • Can I have an advance of $100 against next month's salary?


early, or taking place before something else happens

  • advance payment

  • Advance holiday bookings are up on last year.

  • You must give seven days' advance notice of withdrawals from the account.

  1. to pay an amount of money to someone as a loan or as a part of a payment to be made later


    The bank advanced him $100,000 against the security of his house.

  2. to make something happen earlier

    • The date of the shipping has been advanced to May 10th.

    • The meeting with the German distributors has been advanced from 11.00 to 9.30.

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