1. money in coins or small notes.

    See also exchange
    to give someone change for £10
    to give someone coins or notes in exchange for a ten pound note
  2. money given back by the seller, when the buyer can pay only with a larger note or Coin than the amount asked

    • She gave me the wrong change.

    • You paid the £5.75 Bill with a £10 note, so you should have £4.25 change.

  3. an alteration of the way something is done or of the way work is carried out

    change in accounting principles
    using a method to state a company's accounts which is different from the method used in the previous accounts. This will have to be agreed with the auditors, and possibly with the Inland Revenue.
  1. Usage
    to change a £20 note
    to give someone smaller notes or coins in place of a £20 note
  2. to give one type of currency for another

    • to change £1,000 into dollars

    • We want to change some traveller's cheques.

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