a salary or wages, money given to someone for regular work

  1. to give money to buy an item or a service

    • to pay £1,000 for a car

    • How much did you pay to have the office cleaned?

    (Note paying - paid)
    'pay cash'
    words written on a crossed cheque to show that it can be paid in Cash if necessary
  2. to produce or distribute money

    (Note paying - paid)
  3. to give an employee money for work done

    • The workforce has not been paid for three weeks.

    • We pay good wages for skilled workers.

    • How much do they pay you per hour?

    (Note paying - paid)
    to be paid at piecework rates
    to get money for each piece of work finished
  4. to give money which is owed or which has to be paid

    • He was late paying the Bill.

    • We phoned to ask when they were going to pay the invoice.

    • You will have to pay duty on these imports.

    • She pays tax at the highest rate.

    (Note paying - paid)
    please pay the sum of £10
    please give £10 in cash or by cheque

"...recession encourages communication not because it makes redundancies easier, but because it makes low or zero pay increases easier to accept" [Economist]

"...the yield figure means that if you buy the shares at their current price you will be getting 5 per cent before tax on your money if the company pays the same dividend as in its last financial year" [Investors Chronicle]

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