one million millions

(Note In the UK, trillion now has the same meaning as in the US; formerly in UK English it meant one million million millions, and it is still sometimes used with this meaning; see also the note at billion.)

"...if land is assessed at roughly half its current market value, the new tax could yield up to ¥10 trillion annually" [Far Eastern economic Review]

"...behind the decline was a 6.1 per cent fall in exports to ¥47.55 trillion, the second year of falls. Automobiles and steel were among categories showing particularly conspicuous drops" [Nikkei Weekly]

"...the London Stock Exchange said that the value of domestic UK equities traded during the year was £1.4066 trillion, more than the Capitalization of the entire London market and an increase of 36 per cent compared with previous year's total of £1.037 trillion" [Times]

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