Words & Phrases Related to "Funds"

- 4 -

401(k) plan

- A -

above the line
account executive
advisory funds
application of funds
asset allocation
asset class
Automated Clearing House (ACH)
average equity

- B -

backup withholding
Banking Act Of 1933
blocked funds
brokerage account
Buying On Margin

- C -

call money market
call money rate
capital requirement
Carry Grid
central assets account
certificate of deposit
certificate of deposit (CD)
Charity Commissioners
Cleared Funds
Clearing Corporation
Clearing House Automated Payment System
Clearing Margin
commodity pool operator
compulsory annuity
contingent deferred sales load (CDSL)
Contractionary monetary policy
credit rating

- D -

day loan
demand deposit
deposits paid
disclosure document
discretionary account
discretionary client
discretionary funds

- E -

electronic banking
electronic funds transfer
escrow account
Euro deposit
exchange traded fund (ETF)
extended broad money

- F -

family of funds
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
Federal Funds Rate
Federal Reserve Discount Rate
financial intermediary
Fitch Investors Service
Fitch ratings
Forward forward
Fund of Funds
funds flow

- H -

high water mark
highly geared company

- I -

initial deposit
Investment Management Association

- L -

late day trading

- M -

managed currency fund
managed forex account
Managed Funds Association (MFA)
managed futures
margin call
margin requirement
margin trading
material fact
money management
money market deposit account
money supply

- N -

negative carry pair
net asset value per share (NAVPS)
non sufficient funds
nostro account

- O -

original margin
overseas funds

- P -

performance bond
Ponzi scheme
portfolio pumping
prepaid expenses
prudent man rule

- R -

refer to drawer please represent
responsibility centre
risk capital

- S -

segregated account
short term capital
source and application of funds statement
Statement of Additional Information (SAI)

- T -

teeming and lading
time deposit
total cash
treasury management

- U -

unrestricted income funds

- V -

variable annuity
variation margin

- W -

wholesale money
wire house
wire transfer
Writing cash-secured puts