Mutual Funds Terms and Definitions
12b-1 fee
12b-1 mutual fund
account fee
accumulation plan
asset allocation fund
average maturity
average price
back-end load
balanced fund
bond fund
capital appreciation fund
Class A shares
Class B shares
Class C shares
closed-end fund
commodity pool
contingent deferred sales load (CDSL)
disclosure document
distribution fee
diversified fund
emerging market fund
equity fund
exchange fee
family of funds
focused fund
front-end load
global fund
gold fund
green fund
growth and income fund
growth fund
hedge fund
high water mark
income fund
index fund
institutional fund
international fund
large-cap fund
level load
load spread option
managed fund
management fee
micro cap fund
mid-cap fund
money market fund
mutual fund
mutual fund custodian
net asset value (NAV)
net asset value per share (NAVPS)
no load fund
open-end company
open-end fund
pooled income fund
private investment fund
purchase fee
redemption fund
rights of accumulation (ROA)
sales charge
sales fee
sector fund
small-cap fund
socially conscious mutual fund
spread-load contractual plan
Statement of Additional Information (SAI)
style box
trailer fee
unit investment trust (UIT)
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